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There has been much publicity about after market trailer coupling pins, but TCK products more than meet Australian and European standards, offering increased durability and performance for operators along with lowering the cost of repairs.

Safety was the paramount aim when producing TCK trailer coupling pins and TCK has achieved the very highest manufacturing standards.TCK pins have received national and international certification and are now available following extensive university and field testing.

Australian made trailer coupling repair kits have been specially designed and engineered in Australia to meet the high standards required for the unique and varied operating conditions in Australia and New Zealand. Conditions range from normal through sub tropical, sandy desert and below freezing,

TCK pins have received national and international certification and are now available following extensive university and field testing.TCK Australia developed the coupling pins over a two-year period and have undertaken an exhaustive testing program resulting in a premium product exceeding original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Designed in conjunction with Adelaide University, TCK has succeeded in providing the strongest pins in the transport business. Metallurgical testing resulted in the use of the highest quality materials available.

Stringent quality control ensures each pin and associate part made is of an identical standard without compromise.


Australian Certification

TCK products were developed in conjunction with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Adelaide University and were certified compliant with the following standards following testing at the University of New South Wales and Monash University in Clayton Victoria

TCK products meet or exceed the following standards of certification.

  • Australian Design Rule (ADR)62.
  • Australian Standards AS2213.4 – 1998.
  • European Standards, ISO/DIS12357.2 :1998 AS 2213.5 – 1998, #Strength tests for rigid and hinged draw bars.
  • European Standards, ISO8718:1998 #Strength Tests for rigid and hinged draw bars.
  • ECE 55-01

The pins tested were subjected to an excess of 2,000,000 (2 million) maximum load cycles followed by a controlled crack testing sequence to ensure product integrity remained.

Trailer Coupling Kits [ TCK ] Australia manufacture replacement trailer pins and repair kits to suit Ringfeder, VBG and V.Orlandi couplings.

TCK supply the truck and heavy transport industry around the globe through distributors and resellers as well as direct to selected fleet operators. TCK meet or exceed all relevant standards.