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TCK coupling repair kit to suit Ringfeder 101AUS, 202AUS and 303AUS 5050 BNZ, 5050A,B couplings.

TCK Australia’s latest product release has been an immediate success.

Now rated at  325Kn TCK has produced a replacement coupling repair kit that includes all the items necessary to restore the coupling to its original load rating specification.

Using the same steel specifications and heat-treating techniques developed on previous product, TCK has again come up with a quality world class alternative to the original equipment (OE) parts.

The rotating coupling pin introduced into the Type 101 and continued into the Type 202 and 303 AUS coupling has been retained but with enhancements. The load-bearing area where the tow eye bush and coupling pin meet has been varied to improve load distribution.

The upper neck is “thicker” making for a more durable item.

TCK’s ability to research and identify its customer’s needs has brought to the marketplace a coupling pin that resists wear like no other in the marketplace.

Time and time again parallel tests, by customers, between TCK’s coupling pins and others available, show TCK’s pins to be superior at resisting wear.

The repair kit to suit the Type 101,203 and 303 AUS coupling is comprehensive. It is boxed and includes a coupling pin and lifter, upper bush, lower bush, wear pad, screws, nuts and springs.

A minor repair kit with a coupling pin and lifter, with two springs is also available as is a minor urethane wear pad repair kit.


TCK has received certification from The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and Monash University in Victoria following a test sequence of an access of 2 million maximum load cycles. Certification verifies compliance with the appropriate Australian Standards and therefore appropriate Australian Design Rule (ADR) 62 and European ECE 55-01.

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Major Repair Kit Part No. TCK 1011

Pin Main and lifter 50mm
Bush Upper
Bush Lower
Springs (2)
Wear pad urethane
Screws & nuts (2)

TCK 1017

Pin Main and lifter 50mm and Springs (2)

Wear Pad Kit TCK 1036

Wear pad urethane
Screws & nuts (2)

Part no. TCK 1013

Bush Upper

Part No. TCK 1034

Bush Lower

Separate parts also available.

Kit content depends on brand & specification of coupling.

Items illustrated are manufactured to suit Ringfeder 101AUS, 202AUS and 303AUS couplings only.

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