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Frequently Asked Questions

Are TCK pins safe to use?

Answer: Yes. All TCK’s pins are made from the highest quality Australian steel, heat-treated in accordance with Adelaide University’s Engineering Department recommendations.

Do TCK pins comply with national and international standards?

Answer: TCK’s pins are Australian Design Rule 62 (ADR62) and European ECE55-01 compliant, satisfying the requirements of the relevant Australian and European standards. TCK’s pins are also accepted for use by New Zealand and South African authorities because of that compliance.

How are TCK’s pins tested to check compliance?

Our website has images of a test in progress. The 50mm 101Aus, 202Aus and 303Aus Ringfeder pin samples were tested for a D-rating of 325kN with a V-loading of 63kN giving our pins certification for both rigid and hinged drawbars. 325kN is the highest possible test load listed and certifies our pins suitable for use in any application. Each sample must be subjected to two million repetitive cycles at the determined load followed by a crack testing sequence to determine any deterioration of the parent metal. Certification follows the successful completion of each test.

Are all pins supplied into the market by other suppliers for the repair or overhaul of tow couplings certified?

Our research indicates that few suppliers can provide certification of the pins they supply. TCK can. The certificates for the testing of our pins to suit Ringfeder’s 50mm and 40mm couplings are available at the point of sale or by emailing our company.

Does the use of a TCK coupling pin maintain the manufacturers “load rating” integrity of the tow coupling?

Yes. All tow couplings sold are allocated a Component Registration Number (CRN) by the Australian Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS). At that point FORS allocates a “load rating” for that component, an upper limit of operation. It follows therefore that in order to protect the manufacturer and communities expectations with regard to safety and performance, the coupling repairer and users should demand certified components of the highest quality for repair, capable of meeting those needs and returning that coupling back into service capable of operating safely at its maximum load. TCK’s pins are certified to meet those needs.

Do I need to install a complete major repair kit every time I do a repair?

No. The circumstances will dictate. Often the upper and lower bushes will see out the life of two pins. It depends on the operating environment. TCK will supply everything you need from each individual part to a complete major repair kit. Many customers keep a selection of our parts on their shelf. The wear pads should always be kept up to scratch. The coupling mouth will become badly damaged if the tow bar gets through wear pad.

How do I know when to replace the coupling pin?

Excessive lateral movement of the pin when supported in the upper and lower bushes will indicate the need for further examination in that area. As a guide, a maximum of 2mm clearance should only be allowed. The load-bearing area of the pin, where the tow eye sits, can be best examined with the pin in the down position without a tow bar in place. A minimum diameter of 46mm on the 50mm pin should be allowed with 36.5mm on the 40mm pin. Use a TCK “Cool Tool”, a go no-go gauge, to determine excessive wear. These tools are available from all TCK stockists or TCK direct.

Why should I buy a TCK tow coupling pin?

  • TCK pins are certified.
  • TCK pins perform due to their superior shape.
  • TCK pins will reduce downtime.
  • TCK pins are Australian made using the highest quality Australian steel
  • TCK pins and parts are a cost-effective option