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Australian Made Trailer Coupling Kits

TCK’s Australian made trailer coupling repair kits have been specially designed and engineered in Australia to meet the high standards required for the unique operating conditions in this country.

TCK pins have received national and international certification and are now available following extensive university and field testing.

Trailer coupling repair kits and parts are available from TCK (Trailer Coupling Kits) in Australia and New Zealand to suit a wide range of Ringfeder, VBG, Jost and V.Orlandi couplings.

A feature being more robust pins and a larger contact area between the tow eye bush and pin, delivering longer service life and cost savings to road train and truck and dog trailer operators.

After-market trailer coupling pins

Importantly the use of TCK’s pins will not downgrade the load rating integrity of the main coupling assembly. There has been much publicity about aftermarket trailer coupling pins, but our products more than meet Australian and European standards, offering increased durability and performance for operators along with lowering the cost of repairs”

Adelaide based TCK Australia developed the coupling pins over a two-year period and have undertaken an exhaustive testing program resulting in a premium product exceeding original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Certified compliant with Australian and European Standards

TCK products were developed in conjunction with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Adelaide University and were certified compliant with the following standards following testing at the University of New South Wales and Monash University in Clayton Victoria.

  • Australian Design Rule (ADR)62.
  • Australian Standards AS2213.4 – 1998.
  • European Standards, ISO/DIS12357.2 :1998 AS 2213.5 – 1998, #Strength tests for rigid and hinged draw bars.
  • European Standards, ISO8718:1998 #Strength Tests for rigid and hinged draw bars.
  • ECE 55-01

The pins tested were subjected to an excess of 2,000,000 (2 million) maximum load cycles followed by a controlled crack testing sequence to ensure product integrity remained.

Designed to suit a range of trailer couplings

TCK’s pins have been designed to suit a full range of trailer couplings available in Australia and New Zealand. They have been tested and are in use by an impressive list of the largest fleets and operators throughout Australia in a variety of conditions including intense dry heat, sandy deserts, freezing mountain conditions and wet humid tropical climates.

Trailer Couplings used internationally

International acceptance is growing with TCK products being introduced to many major countries around the globe and further International enquiries are welcome.

Suits 40mm and 50mm trailer couplings

The TCK major repair kits to suit both the 40mm and road train rated 50mm Ringfeder couplings include the main pin assembly, urethane wear pad, upper and lower bushes, springs, screws and nuts. All parts required for a coupling repair or service are sold separately.

Our Product menu lists the range of couplings that we service and there you will find the kits and components to suit your coupling.

Safety is our paramount aim

TCK Managing Director, Graeme Rowlands says safety was the paramount aim in producing the trailer coupling pins. Graeme says ”The company uses the highest quality Australian steel and has achieved the very highest manufacturing standards to create pins and components that achieve the compliances and standards that TCK has achieved “.

TCK Australia Products in New Zealand

TCK Australia products are available in New Zealand at the following outlets; Brake & Transmission, Truck and Trailer Parts, GPC/Repco, Mikes Transport Warehouse and Multispares.

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