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Bull-buck Transport

Some say the Pilbara region in Western Australia is home to the harshest, most demanding environment a haulage business could possibly face. That’s why Bullbuck Transport has entrusted Trailer Coupling Kits Australia (TCK ) to provide a solid link between Bullbuck’s fleet of side tipper road trains.

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Alice Trailer Supplies

Then we met Graeme Rowlands from TCK Australia, so we entrusted Graeme with a lot of our coupling business. We’ve been sourcing repair kits and other small parts including bushes, rubbers and wear pads for the last seven years now.”

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Murphy’s Trailer Repairs

Like any industry, ‘networking’ is an essential part of Australia’s transport industry. People share leads, ideas, and help each other grow. Murphy’s Trailer Repairs found that out when it came across the latest in modern coupling technology, courtesy of TCK Australia.

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Stick with what you know.

35 years of transport experience have told Rob Crosby of Halls Haulage that a quality product will always sell itself. Take TCK Australia’s tow coupling repair kit – a product that, according to Rob, exceeds the life of its peers in the market. It’s no surprise that he recommends it to his own clientele as well.

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Fawcett Cattle Company

For Fawcett, meeting tight deadlines means using equipment that won’t get damaged while on the road. That’s why the company now uses TCK Australia’s tow coupling repair kits that are purchased from TCK’s dealership, Aust. Advanced Trailer Sales.

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