To Suit V.Orlandi E50, E55 Pacific Series Couplings.

TCK’s production of wear parts to suit the Italian manufactured V.Orlandi 50mm tow coupling is timely.

Manufacture of these items was a natural progression for the South Australian based company.  Using local Adelaide based connections, TCK (Aust) has had local production increased to include parts to suit the V.Orlandi couplings.

The kits and parts suit the V.Orlandi E50, E55 Pacific Series Couplings.

Again TCK produced a product with a significant point of difference over the original equipment manufactured item.

Superior steel and heat treating has produced a product that will enhance service life, particularly in the coupling pin to lower support bush contact area.

TCK has also produced two options for the sacrificial wear pad. A high impact resistant nylon variant is supplied in the TCK1064 Major Repair kit. A malleable iron variant is available as a separate option. The iron option is best used in an aggressive environment with high draw bar loads.

All parts required for a coupling repair or service are sold separately.

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Repair Kit rebuild


Coupling Pin

Main 50mm

TCK 1066

Bush Upper

TCK 1067

Bush lower with circlip.

TCK 1068

Wear Pad nylon

Heavy duty with screws

TCK 1068C

Wear Pad steel

Separate parts also available

Kit content depends on brand & specification of coupling.

Items illustrated are manufactured to suit V. Orlandi 50mm E50 and E55 Pacific service couplings only.

Print V. Orlandi 50mm E50 and E55 Pacific service couplings catalogue page.