TCK coupling repair kit to suit Ringfeder™ 81G5, 96AUS, 92CX, 92NZ and 80G5 couplings.

TCK’s pins have been designed to suit a full range of trailer couplings available in Australia. They have been tested and are in use by an impressive list of the largest fleets and operators including Scotts Transport Industries, Boral Industries, Northern Territory Freight Service, Ascot Transport Services, The Toll Finemore Group.  In addition international acceptance is growing with TCK products being steadily introduced around the globe.

The TCK major repair kits suit both the 40mm and road train rated 50mm Ringfeder 81G5, 96AUS, 92CX, 92NZ and 80GS couplings and include the main pin assembly, urethane wear pad, upper and lower bushes, springs, screws and nuts.

A minor repair kit with a coupling pin and lifter, with two springs is also available as is a minor urethane wear pad repair kit.

All parts required for a coupling repair or service are sold separately.

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Major Repair Kit Part No. TCK1031.

Pin Main 50mm

Bush Upper

Bush Lower

Springs (2)

Wear pad urethane

Screws & nuts (2)

Minor Repair Kit Part No. TCK1037

Pin Main

50mmSprings (2)

Wear Pad Kit Part No. TCK 1036

Wear pad urethane

Screws & nuts (2)

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Separate parts also available.

Kit content depends on brand & specification of coupling.

Items illustrated are manufactured to suit Ringfeder 81/G5, 92CX 96AUS, 92NZ and 80G5 couplings only.

Trailer Coupling Kits [ TCK ] Australia manufacture replacement trailer pins and repair kits to suit Ringfeder, VBG and V.Orlandi couplings. TCK supply the truck and heavy transport industry around the globe through distributors and resellers as well as direct to selected fleet operators.